2024 Legislative Session – Upcoming Events

Tourism Day at the Legislature, January 22, 2024

12pm in Parsons at the Grand Slam

The 2024 Legislative Session has begun. Our office is headed to Charleston next week for the Tourism Day at the Legislature. The WV state Chamber Office held a Zoom Meeting discussing their legislative innovative for this year. Below are a few bills that were reintroduced that I thought might be of interest.

  • Senate Bill 167: authorizing county commissions to impose a health and safety fee for tourism and recreational activities within the county.
  • Senate Bill 229: The purpose of this bill is to provide that the allocation of the hotel occupancy tax is subject to the sole discretion of the municipality or county commission.
  • Senate Bill 285: Allowing county commissions to impose amusement tax.
  • House Bill 4514: Authorizing a temporary foreign brewers import license.
  • House Bill 4620: Eliminating the food handler examination and card.
  • House Bill 4673: Limit number of visitor bureaus that can exist in a county.

Below is the Contact Information for our Legisaltures:

Tucker County Day at the Capital

Thursday, February 8th

Finalized Schedule

Lunch will be sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. This event is co-hosted with the TC Development Authority. If you have any specific meetings, you would like scheduled contact Jessica Waldo or Steven Leyh with the TC Development Authority.

Steven Leyn steve@tuckerwv.com or Jessica Waldo jessica@canaanvalley.org

Tourism Workforce Training

Train your Team – Tourism Works!

The West Virginia Department of Economic Development and the West Virginia Department of Tourism have joined forces to focus on Train Your Team, which will provide free and low-cost professional development and training opportunities to tourism and hospitality businesses across the state.

To learn more and sign up for the program, use the link below.

Train Your Team – Tourism Works – Almost Heaven – West Virginia : Almost Heaven – West Virginia (wvtourism.com)

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