Roads to Prosperity



The Roads to Prosperity Amendment of 2017 will be before the voters on Saturday, October 7.  If approved, it will authorize the state to take out up to $1.6 billion in bonds for road projects over the next five years.  This amendment is part of an overall highway program that will include over $3 billion in infrastructure spending in West Virginia.

Passage of this bond WILL NOT INCREASE taxes.  During the 2017 Legislative Session, the Legislature passed a gas tax increase, increased DMV fees, and gave the Turnpike Authority increased tolling capacity.  These changes are already in effect and are the designated revenue sources to fund the Roads to Prosperity Amendment. 

Two maps have been prepared that highlight where road projects will take place if the Roads to Prosperity Amendment is passed.  The first shows how many projects will be funded per county, and can be viewed by clicking here.  The second map shows how much funding will be directed to each county, and can be viewed by clicking here.  To view a full list of candidate projects by county, please click here.  As you can see, every region and county in West Virginia will benefit from the passage of the Roads to Prosperity Amendment of 2017.

Please consider voting YES, Oct. 7th!

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