Seeking Nominations for 46th Annual Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet


The categories include but are not limited to:

Educator of the Year: Provide a bio, resume, or personal experience explaining why you are nominating this individual. The nominee should be someone in the educational community who has gone the extra mile to educate and prepare our students.

Student of the Year: provide a resume, academic achievements, and/or community service. This student should be someone that shows leadership qualities and compassion to their community and fellow students.

Employee of the Year; provide a bio, employment accomplishments, or reason why this employee is deserving of this award. This award is intended for someone who is commitment and dedicated to the business or place of employment as if were their own.

• Business Person of the Year: explain the business or individual success in the Tucker County business community or personal experience on why they are deserving. This person should own or operate a business in Tucker County.

Community Service Award: Provide a bio, resume, or personal experience explaining why you are nominating this individual. The award is intended for an individual who strives to make the county a better place through service to the community.

Cultural Heritage and Arts: provide a bio, historical preservation, or personal experience on why you nominate this individual or organization. This award is intended to highlight a person or organization within the arts and/or preservation of history.

Tuckineer: This secret award is for someone who is outstanding in their field and goes above and beyond the call of duty to make Tucker County a better place to live, work, and own/operate a business through their public service to this community. The term “Tuckineer” is derived from “Tucker” and “Mountaineer”.

In past years, “special awards” have been given to outstanding citizens or groups. Examples: Travel and Tourism Award, Athlete of the Year, Agriculture Award, Humanitarian and Friend, Outstanding Youth, Good Samaritan, Public Employee of the Year.  Consider nominating outside the usual categories.

Nominations are due by Friday, April 19th.

You may submit nomination letters by emailing, mailing your nomination to PO Box 565 Davis, WV 26260, or dropping them off at the office, 410 William Ave. Davis, WV 26260.

The Awards Banquet will be held May 16th at Canaan Valley Resort.

2024 ONLINE Membership Sign-Up

We are now offering online signups for our members!

We have been working hard with Verglas Media to streamline our membership process. All members can now register online and provide an up-to-date listing for our website. Payments can be made online, or checks can be mailed to the office, whichever your business prefers. Please use the link below for your 2024 membership.

2024 Membership Signup

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